Totally Adorable Paul Thomas Anderson Is Writing A Movie With His Daughter

Twist: it's actually a sequel to THE MASTER.

Did you know that Paul Thomas Anderson has four children? Based on the auteur's increasingly dark, personal output (sidebar: see Phantom Thread if you haven't yet, it's a masterpiece), you probably wouldn't guess that he's a family man, but he totally is. Now comes the ultimate question: when are these tots - aged 12, 8, 6 and 4 - allowed to actually watch Daniel Plainview beat a man to death with a bowling pin?

Kidding aside, if PTA's quotes on his Oscar press tour are any indication, the writer/director may be working on something a touch more family friendly with his daughter Lucy. Speaking with the LA Times, he dropped this heartwarming little story:

“Well, I’m working right now on a story with my daughter Lucy. She’s 8. She has taken it upon herself, realizing that if I wasn’t going to do it, she would do it with me. We’re trying to hash out something right now. It’s a good collaboration too. It keeps you on your toes,” he shared. I was trying to guide the story to something a little bit darker, where my instincts wanted to take it, and she was politely, very sweetly reminding me I was aiming it that way and brought it back. We had a good run at it and took a break. We’ve got to get back to it.”

PTA's harshest critic: his adorable offspring. While it'd be easy to say this will obviously never see the light of day, how cute would it be if Anderson actually ended up bringing this project to life? Stranger things have certainly happened (and the press releases basically write themselves as soon as cameras roll). 

Anyway, when asked what movie PTA wants to take his kids to next, he gave a shout out to the Other Anderson:

“That’s a nice thing to look forward to, a new Wes Anderson movie around the corner. I can’t wait."

We, too, cannot wait for Isle of Dogs, Paul.  

(Note: Header photo by Jürgen Fauth, used with permission of Wikimedia Commons.)