Good Morning Campers: Now You Too Can Be Murdered At The Real Crystal Lake

And let one of the OG Final Girls be your guide on this New Jersey murder vacation!

There's this memory I have that - for a large part of my life - I haven't been able to figure out if it's a recollection of a dream (concocted through too many years of watching slasher films), or a legitimate moment that occurred in my life. 

As a kid, I attended Christian Summer Camp out in the woods of Pennsylvania (shut up), and one night, all of the cabins went on lockdown, and the counselors wouldn't let us leave. Through the screen door, I remember seeing this hulking weirdo in a mask, walking up and down the dirt paths. Something glimmered in his hand (this is honestly the part I can't figure is real or invention), as the moonlight shone down upon the trail. Altogether, pretty freaky stuff, though everyone seemed to forget it the next morning (thus leading me to assume it was only a dream).

All of this is too long a preamble to the actual story: apparently the real Camp Crystal Lake – yes, the one where they shot the first Friday the 13th movie – is now opening to the general public for one weekend only!

According to the Asbury Park Press, Warren County, New Jersey’s Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco – which is owned by the Boy Scouts of America – is going to host an overnight stay at the movie’s famous location. On Friday April 13th, the camp will open again to a group of winners chosen via lottery, based on a submission form you can fill out on No-Be-Bo-Sco’s website. The coolest part? An appearance by Alice herself, Adrienne King. That’s a lot of dream to live out for some lucky slasher aficionados.

The only downside? The cost. If you’re just taking the morning tour, it’s $135. If you’re staying overnight for the VIP Experience, it’s $175. However, the entire endeavor is a fundraiser to keep the camp in working condition, so at least your money is going toward a pretty neat cause.

If you get chosen to stay overnight – a trip that involves both dinner and breakfast – one would hope that a maniac is included in the package. This is basically the set up for a Friday the 13th knock off – “…a group of unlucky film fans find their trip to a famous movie location becoming the hunting grounds for an actual masked maniac…” – so, who knows? Maybe you too can be stuck with a memory you’ll question for the rest of your life!