Cover Up In Happy Valley: Full PATERNO Trailer Sells A Sports World SPOTLIGHT

Barry Levinson's latest HBO film follows a trail of corruption at Penn State.

Having grown up in Pennsylvania, I have a particular interest in seeing how HBO and Barry Levinson bring the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky Penn State football abuse scandal to life. In that state, the PSU Nittany Lions are a religion for many, and the revelation of a cover up destroyed most's faith in an institution (not to mention a sports legend) previously believed to be infallible. 

Now, we've got a full look at Paterno, complete with trademark gruffness from Al Pacino as the school's disgraced football coach. 

Take a look: 

While I still wish we could've gotten to see Brian De Palma's version of this picture, Levinson's iteration still looks pretty damn solid. The director always seems to get incredible late period work from Pacino, as well - their collaboration You Don't Know Jack is vastly underrated - so watching the brilliant actor bring Joe-Pa to life should be rather fascinating. 

Paterno hits HBO April 7th.