David Ayer To Possibly Adapt Stephen King’s THE BONE CHURCH Into A Series

Will each stanza serve as an episode description?

Stephen King's narrative poem The Bone Church begins as such: 

"If you want to hear, buy me another drink.
(Ah, this is slop—slop, I tell you—but never mind; what isn’t?)
There were thirty-two of us went into that greensore
and only three who rose above it.
We were thirty days in the green, and only one of us came out.
Three rose above the green, three made it to the top..."

With the Kingaissance in full swing following IT making all the money in the entire world (seriously, between that and Black Panther, there's none left - go home other movies), every single property of his is being bought up for adaptation or remake. We're getting the second chapter of IT, a new Pet Sematary, a Mike Flanagan-helmed Shining sequel. Even The Talisman might happen. It's a wild time to be alive for King nerds. 

Now, David Ayer and Chris Long's Cedar Park Entertainment has picked up the rights to The Bone Church, hoping to bring the Lovecraftian poetic epic to the small screen. No network has been chosen as of yet, nor have any showrunners, writers or directors been assigned. So, right now, mark this as being in the earliest stages of development (meaning it may never happen at all). 

Still, the idea that we'll have Hulu's Castle Rock show this year, Amazon just bought The Dark Tower series up as part of a recent deal, and now Ayer might help bring more King to your living room is rather crazy. Horror freaks should be losing their minds, as this is becoming their version of the MCU (OK, so not really, but a gore geek can dream). Hopefully, we don't also suffer from "King Fatigue" in the near future.