The New King Of Netflix: Matt Reeves Kicks Off Streaming Deal With LIFE SENTENCE

The future BATMAN director has the first project in his new home.

Matt Reeves just established a pretty sweet gig at Netflix. The deal gave the streaming giant an "exclusive first look" at any features Reeves wants to produce and/or direct through his production company, 6th & Idaho. That contract was signed last month, moving Reeves' shingle away from Fox, and further cementing Netflix's position as a full-fledged production studio to be reckoned with. 

Now, Reeves has his first project for 6th & Idaho, as the company just won a bidding war to develop Matthew Baker's sci-fi short story, Life Sentence - beating out everyone from Warner Bros. to Apple with a huge number. Baker's novella revolves around:

"A futuristic program where the memories of criminals are erased, instead of sending them to prison. The story focuses on one such man, who finds himself trying to reconcile his past actions and relationships."

So, like Eternal Sunshine, but in jail. That sounds aight, I guess. As of right now, Reeves is only producing the picture with 6th & Idaho, as his next directorial effort will still be The Batman (that is until the DCEU finally implodes completely). No word on who's going to adapt the movie for Reeves' shingle either, though given the high price tag (reportedly six figures initially, with more to come once Sentence goes into production), there could also be a chance that Baker sits down behind the typewriter for his own picture. We'll keep you posted as we know more. 

(Photo by Gage Skidmore, used Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.)