Brian K. Vaughan Is Writing A SILVER SURFER Movie

Well, that's defintely one way to get us interested in a SILVER SURFER movie.

Today, the Hollywood Reporter's running a piece about the goings-on behind the scenes at Fox's X-Men franchise, and the long and short of it seems to be: despite the looming Disney merger, Fox's Marvel output isn't slowing down. If anything, the studio seems to be ramping up its efforts to get as many Fox-owned Marvel characters committed to film as quickly as possible. 

Listed among these upcoming projects: a Silver Surfer movie, currently being written by Brian K. Vaughan.

Vaughan's a helluva writer, and no stranger to the world of comics: his Y: The Last Man, Saga and Ex Machina are generally considered stone-cold classics. Silver Surfer seems an odd choice for a solo film, but it wouldn't be the first time he's appeared onscreen (see also: Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer), nor would this be Hollywood's first attempt to get a Silver Surfer solo movie off the ground. Normally we might scoff at the need for such a thing, but that gets harder to do with Vaughan calling the shots.

Nothing further's known about the project at this time, but our curiosity has definitely been piqued, and we'll have further updates for you as they roll (surf?) in. Stay tuned. 

(Note: Header photo by William Tung, used with permission via Wikimedia Commons)