Joaquin Phoenix Has No Goddamn Idea What JOKER Movie You’re Talking About

What game is Joaquin Phoenix playing here, exactly?

By now, you've probably heard the bad news: Todd "My Movies Barely Qualify As Movies" Phillips is making a Martin Scorsese-produced "gritty Joker origin story" for Warner Bros. I know, I can't stop laughing, either. But the joke stopped being funny once Joaquin Phoenix reportedly became the filmmaker's top choice to play Gotham's notorious crime clown. Do we now actually have to entertain the possibility of watching this garish nightmare? 

Well, if Phoenix is to be believed, the previous stories may be a bit misleading (at the least the ones about him debasing himself with a Todd Phillips "film"). While doing press for his upcoming Lynne Ramsay vigilante picture You Were Never Really Here (which is spectacular and you should see it as soon as you get the chance), Allocine asked the acclaimed actor about the role, to which he responded:

“What movie about the Joker?” 

When probed further by the interviewer, Phoenix simply said:

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

Stay real, Joaquin. 

Now, there are obviously a few ways to read this response. One: Phoenix really doesn't know what the fuck Joker picture the interviewer's referring to. Or: he's playing coy, as no deal has been signed and (in all likelihood) he might be playing hard to get, letting his quote publicly up his quote (if you know what I mean). We really hope it's the former, as - despite the notion of Phoenix playing the Joker actually being kind of an inspired one - Todd Phillips is trash. 

Obviously, Phoenix also has a history of executing massive publicity stunts - such as his ill-advised "rap career" for the failed experimental mockumentary I'm Still Here - but those thinking this might be more of that seem strangely misguided. That said, stranger things have certainly happened in this life (Donald Trump is Prez, after all), and if that means the whole "Todd Phillips makes a Joker movie" is part of that elaborate ruse (and thus goes away as soon as the ghost is given up on this long-form gag), we're all for it. 

Either way, You Were Never Really Here hits theaters April 6th. In the words of Dat Boi Wampler: it fucks like a beast.