THE WEEK OF Gets New, Longer Trailer And Manages To Somehow Still Look Decent

Stop looking at me like that.

For suckers like me, there’s always that dream Adam Sandler will make a good movie. The only reason that dream still exists is because it’s been known to happen from time to time. Most of his Netflix stuff so far has been rough, but this new one, The Week Of, looks like it might possibly have the goods. Check out the new trailer:

Here’s the list of reasons why I’m into this. One, Robert Smigel directed and co-wrote. Two, no David Spade (that I know of). Three, I’ll take sentiment over lazy gross-out comedy any day of the week. Four… okay that’s all I got, but with Sandler, it’s plenty.

Look, hope is hard to come by lately. If I can find it here, who are you to rain on my parade? I’ll probably have plenty of disappointment waiting for me when this comes out April 27. Until then, let me have this, I beg you!