This SXSW, Owen Egerton Invites You To BLOOD FEST

A cavalcade of carnage awaits.

My introduction to Owen Egerton was when he was a literal bloodsport ringmaster, as he hosts the annual Debates at Fantastic Fest, providing a metric ton of color commentary (and even more shit talk) while ruthless gladiators (such as BMD's own Jenny Jacobi and Andrew Todd) bludgeon the hell out of each other following a spirited nerd shouting match regarding topics such as "Which Was The Greatest Rocky Movie?"

But did you know that Young Master Egerton is quite the filmmaker, too? He's already made one feature - the delightfully creepy Follow, starring Kid Blue himself, Noah Segan. For his sophomore freak out, Owen partnered with Rooster Teeth to make Blood Fest, a literal cavalcade of carnage that premieres next week in Friday's first Midnighter slot at SXSW. 

Now, there's a trailer for Blood Fest, which looks to be really trying to live up to its name, pitting contestants against masked maniacs in a wild, chainsaw-wielding game of death. Take a look:

I've already booked my seat for that first night of SXSW, so expect a review the very next day here at BMD. Watching Owen grow as a director sounds like a total treat, and the scope on Blood Fest seems way larger than the single location Follow

More to come very soon, including a confirmation (or denial) if that's Owen's voice acting as the host of the titular splatter spectacular.