Kristen Wiig May Be WONDER WOMAN 2’s Villain

From SNL to the DCU?

In what might be the most unexpected piece of news we've heard in the last hour (been wild out there today, folks), Variety is reporting that none other than Kristen Wiig is being eyed to play Cheetah, previously speculated and now confirmed to be the villain in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman 2

Variety adds:

"Insiders indicate that Wiig was always high on Jenkins’ for the part and had let Wiig know about her interest before Jenkins left to location scout for the project. While it is currently unknown if Wiig is completely on board for the role, a recent meeting between Wiig and top execs began to move things in the right direction."

Far from a sure thing, in other words, but certainly an intriguing notion! Since landing on most people's radar via SNL, Wiig has gone on to prove herself a versatile actress (please, for the love of God, see The Skeleton Twins and thank me later), but a role like this would seem to push her in an entirely new direction. That'd be a helluva thing to see. We're into it.

Now, as for the character of Cheetah: a perusal of the character's Wikipedia page (which is way more substantial than this writer expected) reveals multiple incarnations of the character, with varying superpowers depending on which version you're talking about. The common ground seems to be superstrength, agility, speed, and general badassedness, and a costume that looks like - you guessed it - an otter. 

Nothing further to report at this time, but we're crossing our fingers that this deal goes through. We'd love to see Wiig in a role like this, and especially with Jenkins steering the ship. Stay tuned for more on Wonder Woman 2 as it becomes available.