Danny Boyle To Team With Richard Curtis On Something That’s Not James Bond

Unless James Bond is in for a radical shift.

Picture by Martin Kraft via Wikimedia Commons

Guys, Phil is gone. I am the resident James Bond expert now. I’ve seen all but one of the movies, so I think I got this.

As my new duties dictate, it falls to me to inform you that Danny Boyle, he who seemed most likely to direct the next Bond film, is in fact teaming up with Love Actually writer Richard Curtis to make a musical comedy (I think that means a comedy with musical elements rather than a musical with jokes) that will take place in the ‘60s. Or maybe the ‘70s. Who can say?

The film also does not have a title. Whatever this is, it seems to be for real with hopes to begin shooting this summer.

As for Bond, unless they’re making the next one a period piece where he takes down payola or something, this does not sound promising for the proposed Boyle-Bond union. As the new Bond expert, I think it’s going to Guy Ritchie. Have fun with that image.