Surprise: INFINITY WAR Will Now Hit Theaters One Week Earlier

Christmas in April.

All kinds of things happen over Twitter these days. Very few of them are good things, mind you, but hey, it’s 2018. With that in mind, Marvel Studios and Robert Downey Jr. are here to brighten up your Twitter feeds (or your lives, if you’re smart enough to stay off social media) and give you, the consumer, a fun little exchange that ends with a little bit of a bomb. 

You can read the full back and forth here, but you're here for the news so we'll cut to the chase. 

For those of you who already had May 4th blocked off and ready to go, it's time to adjust your plans. Avengers: Infinity War will be bringing all of its cosmic insanity to you a whole week earlier now! You get the next chapter sooner, Disney gets to give properties like Deadpool and Solo: A Star Wars Story more breathing room, everybody wins!

Except for, of course, the theaters that have to do a little bit of a mad dash to adjust their schedues and get those new posters and displays up. But, no matter what the cause and effect, Thanos is going to come to threaten Earth just a little bit earlier than expected. 

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