Neil Gaiman’s Returning To The SANDMAN Universe

Well, kind of anyway.

I like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series just fine, though not nearly as much as some folks out there. But even I have to admit the series marks a major cornerstone in the development of comics through the years.

So there’s good news and bad news out there for all you Sandman nuts. According to EW, the series is returning starting with a big issue called The Sandman Universe #1. Following that, four series set in the Sandman universe will come out.

One, House of Whispers, is about a voodoo god named Erzulie who ends up in the Dreaming. Another, Books of Magic picks up the story of young magician Timothy Hunter (but actually a different Timothy Hunter?) as he chooses to be good or evil. Lucifer checks in on that old rascal Lucifer while he’s blinded and trapped in some weird-ass house. Finally, The Dreaming will reacquaint us with old Sandman characters as they deal with a Dreaming that has no actual Dream.

That’s part of the bad news. Starting off, anyway, none of these books will feature Morpheus. Still excited? Well, none of these books will be written by Gaiman. He’s just overseeing things. Nalo Hopkinson is writing House of Whispers, Kat Howard will write Books of Magic, Si Spurrier will write The Dreaming, and Dan Watters is doing Lucifer.

Still, it’s better than nothing. With Gaiman at least in charge of this, the return doesn’t seem quite as egregious or weird as whatever DC’s currently doing with Watchmen.

To learn a ton more - including an interview with Gaiman and first looks at every series’ cover art - head over to EW.