First Look At Nic Refn’s TOO OLD TO DIE YOUNG Showcases Sunny Noir

Plus, it's Refn. So you know people are posing.

Nic Refn thinks the business of being an entertainer is broken. At least, that's what he told IndieWire before showing off some more stills from his upcoming Amazon show Too Old To Die Young:

“I think that as our entertainment industry is falling apart, it’s very interesting how the idea of something that used to be very secretive, is now the complete opposite. And that, it’s like exhibitionism, which is what creativity essentially is. But not just living the result be the peak or the main focus but the actual process. Because entertainment is almost like now co-existing with us rather being moments in our life, evolution.”

What Refn's referring to is the way that every step of the production process - from pre- to post- - is now broadcast via social media; directors, stars, journalists, and everyone in-between are informing their potential viewing public of how a piece of art is made. There's a demystification happening in the process of oversaturating audiences with information that ends up dulling the effect of the final product.

Now, Refn is working within the confines of a new form of serialized storytelling - the "binge-worthy" streaming series - for the first time (though he's written and directed for televison before, having helmed entries in the Agatha Christie’s Marple series, and penned installments of the Scandinavian show The Chosen 7). Though, the provocative director recognizes that the way we consume media is evolving at a rapid pace:

“The whole concept of television itself is so ancient. I mean, we don’t have television at home anymore, we have a screen, but we don’t have television. Because why would you want it?”

Being the consummate bullshit artist, Refn is certainly preaching, but not heeding his own sermon's words, as he's been revealing bits about Too Old To Die Young, little-by-little, complete with new character stills. The header up top is of star Miles Teller, who gets top billing in this tale of urban samurai. Here's his co-star Jena Malone (The Neon Demon)...

...and a one-eyed John Hawkes (which is a sentence I'm just now finding I've always wanted to write)...

Oddly enough, Too Old To Die Young - which Refn created with comic book legend Ed Brubaker - may not even premiere for another year. We're hoping that's not the case, as everyone at BMD is practically foaming at the mouth to get a glimpse of a ten-hour "television show" from this creative crew.