It’s Your 2018 Oscars Open Thread (Use It Wisely)

It's the Hollywood Superbowl, and now you've got a place to talk about it.

Tonight brings us the 90th annual Academy Awards, and what a year it is: multiple films in the Best Picture category we'd love to see win, multiple great choices for Best Director, one reasonable choice for Best Supporting Actress (that'd be Allison Janney, for I, Tonya). It's been a long time since we saw a nominee field this contentuous, this filled with reasonable and exciting choices. 

We're all very excited about it (if social media's your thing, be aware that I'll be live tweeting the entire ceremony via the BMD Twitter account), and we figure y'all must be, too, which is why we've assembled this open thread for your viewing pleasure. Rant, rave, celebrate, gnash your teeth - whatever comes naturally. It's bound to be a wild night, and we want all of you to share it with one another.

Tomorrow we'll have the full list of winners, but for now: it's time to comment. Please feel free to do so in the space provided below.