The Oscars Gave Us Our First Teaser For MARY POPPINS RETURNS

It could only be better if it were an actual trailer.

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The Oscars are always a grand old time. Families yelling at each other over who should and shouldn’t have won, Film Twitter tearing itself apart, interviewers desperately trying to think of what to ask actresses about other than their dresses, etc. Sometimes, though, they manage to sneak in a pure moment or two, and what could be more pure than a trailer for Mary Poppins Returns?

Check out the teaser below, which premiered last night.

While it remains absurd that trailers for trailers is now a thing, who can deny something this joyous? Emily Blunt and Lin Manuel Miranda just doing their thing and being adorable is something we absolutely needed during these times. And, though it's short, the teaser manages to capture that old Disney magic and drum up excitement for a whole new run at Mary Poppins. Nevermind that they're taking over the world, just look at the shiny trailer! 

What are your thoughts on Mary Poppins Returns? Sound off below. The film arrives this Christmas.