And Now: All The 2018 BMD Alternate Oscar Winners

You'll never guess which movie won.

Here we are, at the end of the 2018 Birth.Movies.Death Alternate Oscars! This was the second-annual edition of the awards, in which we, the staff of BMD, picked nominees from all the films the Oscars ignored, and you, the readers of BMD, voted on the winners. 2017 was a terrific year for cinema, and the so-called “official” Oscars honoured a great bunch of films, but this was our chance - and your chance - to spread a little more love around.

Thanks to everyone who voted in our silly little awards over the past several weeks. Some categories’ frontrunners ran neck-and-neck with others, while other categories had clear, definitive winners - and from our perspective, both those situations were fascinating to watch. 

In the final round of awards, Star Wars: The Last Jedi emerged triumphant as Best Picture by a vast margin, with The Florida Project in distant but hard-fought second place (and if you were wondering: The Evil Within, our "joke" 11th nominee, did not come in last). The LEGO Batman Movie and Julia Ducournau’s Raw similarly steamrolled the Animated and Foreign-Language Feature awards, and audience-favourite Kedi eked out a narrow Documentary win over The Work.

For those keeping score, The Last Jedi and Mother! won three awards each (Picture, Adapted Screenplay, and Cinematography, and Director, Production Design, and Sound, respectively), while Good Time won two (Actor and Song). Nominations-wise, Good Time snagged seven nods; The Beguiled and Mother! got six each; and The Florida Project and A Ghost Story got five each. Notably, The Last Jedi won every category in which it was nominated.

Here's the full list of winners: 

  • Alternate Best Picture: Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Alternate Best Director: Darren Aronofsky, Mother!
  • Alternate Best Original Screenplay: Phantom Thread, Paul Thomas Anderson
  • Alternate Best Adapted Screenplay: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson
  • Alternate Best Actress: Kristen Stewart, Personal Shopper
  • Alternate Best Actor: Robert Pattinson, Good Time
  • Alternate Best Supporting Actress: Holly Hunter, The Big Sick
  • Alternate Best Supporting Actor: Patrick Stewart, Logan
  • Alternate Best Foreign Language Feature: Raw
  • Alternate Best Documentary Feature: Kedi
  • Alternate Best Animated Feature: The LEGO Batman Movie
  • Alternate Best Editing: John Wick Chapter 2, Evan Schiff
  • Alternate Best Cinematography: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Steve Yedlin
  • Alternate Best Production Design: Mother!, Philip Messina et al
  • Alternate Best Costume Design: Thor: Ragnarok, Mayes C. Rubeo
  • Alternate Best Makeup & Hair: The Shape of Water, Jordan Samuel, Mike Hill, Paula Fleet, et al
  • Alternate Best Score: War For the Planet of the Apes, Michael Giacchino
  • Alternate Best Song: “The Pure and the Damned,” performed by Oneohtrix Point Never feat. Iggy Pop, from Good Time
  • Alternate Best Sound: Mother!
  • Alternate Best Visual Effects: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Congratulations to the winning films, and we hope to see you again next year!