See The Lonely Island Sketch That Was Deemed Too Expensive And Complicated For The Oscars

They didn't actually produce it, but they storyboarded it...and it's amazing.

The official Lonely Island Twitter feed just dropped one helluva bombshell: 

Aaand here's the video:

The song, called "Why Not Me?", is great, as witty as anything these glorious lunatics have ever produced, but the video itself - filled with cameos from some very notable superheroes, all the Chrises (Evans, Hemsworth, Pratt, Pine and ... Rock?), and a certain pipe-dwelling murder clown - is an absolute blast. You can see how this would have worked. You can also see how putting this together would have been a widly expensive logistical nightmare. 

But, hey, at least we have this version. Check it out above, and weep for what could have been.