LUKE CAGE Season Two Trailer Brings The Fire (And A Release Date)

Mark your calendars.

This morning, Marvel dropped a brand-new teaser trailer for Luke Cage's second season, along with the announcement that the series (led by the singular Mike Colter) would be returning on June 22nd. There's not much to the teaser - it is seriously just a teaser - but what the hell, let's take a look.

The arrival of this trailer set off quite the debate behind the scenes here at Birth.Movies.Death. Some of us are completely tapped out on Netflix's Marvel franchise, some are still hanging in there despite the tedious horrors foisted upon us by Iron Fist, and some are selective as to which of these shows they will continue to watch (Jessica Jones seems to be the only title we all agree on ... more or less). No matter where we stand, the consensus seems to be that these shows are too damn long (y'all need to max out at eight episodes, Netflix, not thirteen), that each features entirely too much wheel-spinning, that we can only watch so many fight scenes set in hallways or warehouses. 

It's got us wondering: where do you stand on Netflix's Marvel output? Are you still watching? Which one's your favorite? If you stopped watching: where or when did you tap out? Was there a breaking point, or was it a slow slide into realizing that these things just weren't for you? Sound off in the comments below, and mark your calendars for Luke Cage's return on June 22nd (assuming that's a thing you're looking forward to).