The LEGION Season Two Trailer Is Here To Warp Your Mind

If you've been sleeping on this show, now's the time to catch up.

Real talk: when FX announced Legion, our world was not set aflame.

"Yet another mutant-superhero adaptation? Let me guess - there'll be shadowy government types and mutants using their powers for good and another group using their powers for bad and probably a guy who wants to eliminate all mutants," we snarked.

Then Noah Hawley's Legion actually arrived, and we had to walk back our dismissiveness. Sure, the series featured a lot of those tired mutant-genre tropes, but mostly Legion was very much its own thing - colorful and freaky and Very Weird and utterly disinterested in holding its audience's hand. We had expected yet another run-of-the-mill mutant show, and instead we got a mind-bending genre-mashup with strong The Prisoner overtones. We couldn't have been more delighted. 

Anyway, this was a very long and unnecessary way of introducing the following trailer for Legion's second season. Please watch it now:

To our eyes, it appears that Hawley and company have increased Legion's weirdness, and that can only be considered a good thing. Legion is, without exaggeration, one of the most exciting things happening in the superhero genre right now, and we really hope to see more people getting into it when the show returns on April 3rd. 

While we're waiting on that to arrive: did you watch Legion during its run last season? Will you be tuning in for season two? We wanna hear where you folks stand on this one, so please hit the comments to share.