You Need To See Spike Jonze’s Mesmerizing New Apple Commercial

Drop what you're doing.

Remember, back in 2016, when Spike Jonze directed that eyepopping short film for KENZO perfume? It wasn't the director's first foray into the advertising arena (our dude's done a lot of commercials, including impressive spots for IKEA and Levi's jeans), but it did serve as quite the reminder that when Spike Jonze is left to his own devices, magic happens. 

We are reminded of that again today, with a brand-new Jonze spot for the Apple HomePod. Starring FKA Twigs as a put-upon 9-to-5'er who uses her new Apple HomePod and the power of music (if you're wondering, that song is Anderson .Paak's "Til It's Over") to turn a cramped one-bedroom apartment into something much, much bigger, the spot is so gloriously executed that we don't even mind that we're being blatantly advertised to. 

Take a look:

If this commercial (which, side-bar: at four minutes in length, do we still call this a commercial? We're thinking this is more of a live-action short with an agenda) isn't the most mesmerizing, joyously watchable thing we see today, we will eat our hats. I've watched this thing all the way through three times, and I'm still fascinated by it. It's a full-blown design marvel.

Anyhoo, is the Apple HomePod a good product? We don't know, and we don't care. If nothing else, its existence caused this gorgeous piece of filmmaking to be brought into the world, and for that we are very thankful. Keep 'em coming, Spike.