Details Come Out About That Already Weird-Ass Joker Movie

Like we didn’t already spend one movie laughing at the Joker.

Over at the Wrap, some details are finally coming to light about that Joker movie Todd Phillips is directing, Martin Scorsese is producing and Joaquin Phoenix is (still, as far as we know) likely to star in.

Apparently, the film will show the Joker as a really awful ‘80s comedian who bombs so much is just makes him a crazy wacko with funny hair who smashes things. Like Gallagher! According to the Wrap, he’s a character we laugh at, not with. Like… Wampler’s off today, and I’m not going to turn this into a bit.

Here’s the deal. This sounds like garbage. But when you combine the extremity of this garbage with the possibility of Joaquin Phoenix taking it out to the curb, a little spark ignites in my guts, and I can’t help but grow more and more fascinated with this one. I say bring this on.

Wonder Woman aside, these DC movies have been pretty awful. Even Warners knows it, which is why this is going to be a kind of standalone thing that won’t bump up against the continuity and majesty of Jared Leto’s Juggalo Joker. So don’t get worried about that.

If you do feel like getting worried, however, the Wrap also claims that the film’s late 2018 shooting time could already be in danger of delays due to a bunk script that demands rewrites. So, you know, there’s always the chance this will end up not happening. But if it does, I want them to go all the way weird with it. Who knew we might one day have a standalone Joker movie where he’s a sad sack loser played by a prestige actor. I love the 21st century so far.