Good News! You’ll Be Seeing Nic Cage Kill Crazy Cult Members In MANDY This Summer

One of 2018's wildest movies is now officially coming to theaters.

Mandy is one of the goddamn craziest fucking movies you'll see in 2018. Panos Cosmatos has crafted something truly special in his Beyond the Black Rainbow follow-up, pitting an unhinged Nic Cage against a cult of roving devil worshippers who do him and his titular beloved (Andrea Riseborough) wrong. It's an acid-tinged, black metal-scored story of revenge, complete with biker-riding cenobites and hand-forged steel weapons.

Don't believe me? Here's Evan's rave from Sundance:

"Many great films come out each year, but fans of gleefully violent action-horror must suffice with only a few choice annual titles. Mandy ranks high among that ilk, gory enough to please those needs while experimental and interesting enough to satisfy others. It’s not for everyone but if this all sounds intriguing, you’re probably going to love this. I certainly did."

Now, RLJ Entertainment has officially purchased all US rights to the film, with a plan to get it into theaters this summer. This is beyond fantastic news, as the colorful, gory visuals Cosmatos has cobbled this pulp narrative around should be seen on the biggest screen possible. I'm certainly going to be smuggling a handful of psychedelics into the theater for a revisit. 

You better believe BMD is going to have even more on Mandy as we get closer to the film's release date. It's easily one of the boldest visions we've laid eyes on in some time (with an all-timer Cage freak out performance), and we can't wait for the rest of you to get a peek at it.