Jon Favreau Will Write And Executive Produce A Live-Action STAR WARS Series

So there’s THAT.

To be quite honest with you, I’ve lost track of the status of what all’s been going on with a live-action Star Wars series. There always seems to be one brewing, but never coming to fruition. As of today, however, I have a much better idea and feel brought up to speed.

Which is to say, it sounds like there is definitely going to be a Star Wars live-action series. And Disney has just announced that none other than Jon Favreau - he of Zathura fame - will executive produce and write the show, which will air on whatever Disney’s Disney-only streaming platform ends up being called.

Speaking of not knowing what things are called, this show still doesn’t have a title. Or much of anything. It also doesn’t sound like Favreau will be writing this all by himself but rather will help steer a writers room and generally be in charge of the show.

I don’t have too many thoughts beyond this because it’s hard to get excited about a show with no details to go on. It’s also possible I’m suffering a bit from Star Wars fatigue. On the other hand, the kid in me is pretty excited about the potential of a live-action Star Wars show. Favreau’s a good name for something like this, and I hope they dig deep and try to deliver something special rather than just bland Star Wars action for Star Wars’ sake.