The New Poster For BLINDSPOTTING Tests Your Bias

The Sundance hit wants to know what you see when you look at it.

Blindspotting is pretty great, but it's also going to be a tough movie to market for Lionsgate. Essentially a Do The Right Thing for the gentrification age, it stars Hamilton's Daveed Diggs (who co-wrote the film with his absolutely electric co-star Rafael Casal) as a down and out ex-con, looking to just walk the straight and narrow until he's off probation. But his buddy Miles (Casal) just won't stop getting them into piles of shit, and he's going to have to make a decision about whether or not the childhood friends are going to continue having each other's backs for the rest of their days. 

Evan also saw and really enjoyed the movie out of Sundance. In his own positive review, he sums up the movie's complicated tone pretty well:

"While I would mostly characterize the film as a comedy, Blindspotting does not fuck around when it’s time for things to get tense. There are moments that had me terrified on my first viewing, when I had no idea how things would turn out. It keeps feeling like it’s about to cross a line into heavy-handed misery but never does, though it makes you suffer on the way to that discovery, something I’ve come to really admire about the film. It’s special just as much for what it does as for what it chooses not to do."

Part of Blindspotting's themes revolve around personal bias: what we see when we look at an individual who is clearly different than us. This new poster does a good job conveying that notion with a simple "test" image. So tell me, what do you see? 

We're going to have another review out of SXSW for you this week (as we're real big fans of the film here at BMD), so expect it to drop after the movie bows at SXSW on Sunday, March 11th.