Is Denis Villeneuve Still Making a DUNE Movie? Nope! Now He’s Making TWO Of Them

Always a great idea.

After the rousing financial success of Blade Runner 2049 (which just barely lost the Best Picture Oscar to Get Out), director Denis Villeneuve probably feels more validated and powerful than even President Clinton. And he’s going take that clout and do something with it, by golly.

Villeneuve hosted some kind of “intimate cinema lesson” this week in Montreal and while talking his talk, he let slip that his planned Dune movie will be more movie than we originally thought: “The goal is to make two films, maybe more”. Heck, maybe ten, why not?

I’m still not certain we’ll even get the one, but I’ll be happily proven wrong on that score. I adore Dune, and would love to see it done with modern effects and Villeneuve’s care on the big screen. It’s also a big-ass book, so I’m not opposed to them taking their time with the adaptation.

And to be clear, this isn’t exactly official news, but rather a director getting excited while talking to a crowd of people who adore him. If it does become the real deal, however, you can be sure dat boi Wampler will let you know.