FIRST MATCH Trailer Takes A Girl’s Troubles To The Mat

The Netflix title sees a young woman trying to channel all her aggression into becoming a wrestling champ.

It's a weird feeling when you show up to a film festival and hear that trademark Netflix "da-dum!" before your next movie rolls, but such is life in this ever-changing cinema landscape. Over the next week, the streaming giant is bringing quite a few titles to SXSW, including First Match, the first feature from writer/director Olivia Newman.

Starring newcomer Elvire Emanuelle and Moonlight's Jharrel Jerome, First Match sees a girl trying out for her all-boys wrestling team, while also attempting to reconcile with her estranged, violent father (who begins integrating his own violent techniques into her sporting style). 

Now, before First Match makes its World Premiere bow at SXSW, there's a (rather intense) trailer for the picture. Check it out: 

First Match premieres on Monday March 12th in the Narrative Competition portion of SXSW. Here's hoping this one is as good as it looks.