Flying Lotus & Eddie Alcazar Are Bringing PERFECT To SXSW

The latest offering from Brainfeeder Films looks to be a heady trip.

Electro musician Flying Lotus partnered with filmmaker Eddie Alcazar to form Brainfeeder Films, which was kicked off by Lotus' own hyper-strange, but visually hypnotic directorial effort KUSO a few years back. This year, the duo have returned with Perfect, an experimental sci-fi film that's being shepherded along by none other than Steven Soderbergh. 

The synopsis for the movie is wild:

"A boy in a cold and stark modern house, in a vaguely science fictional world, is seduced by advertisements of perfection to install implantable characteristics directly into his body. The implants heal his dark, twisted visions, but come with a corporeal cost. He persists on applying them, hoping to reach perfection, but ultimately he discovers that purity of mind is not exactly as he's imagined."

Now, there's a trailer for Perfect ahead of its SXSW debut, and it resembles one of Alex Garland's wet dreams: 

I have to be honest, I didn't even know this existed until this clip just showed up in my mailbox. But that's the beauty of SXSW: you gotta go with the flow, and know this unpredictable wave is going to bring some weirdo gifts like Perfect.

Perfect will enjoy its World Premiere Sunday, March 11th. I've already requested a ticket to check it out.