Lin-Manuel Miranda In Talks To Play Manly Tough Guy In BBC One’s HIS DARK MATERIALS Adaptation

It's totally fine if he decides to throw away this particular shot.

I love Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy and want nothing but the best for BBC One and Bad Wolf TV’s upcoming 8-part adaptation of it. Sincerely, I hope it’s super great because the failure of 2007’s The Golden Compass still bums me out.

One thing that film had down cold was casting. Daniel Craig, Nicole Kidman, Sam Elliott… that was an inspired adaptation for casting alone. In that regard at least, this new one has a lot to live up to.

I’m not sure they’re on the right track, however. According to EW, Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda is about to sign on to play Lee Scoresby. Miranda is fucking awesome, but this is a weird part for him. To offer some perspective, this is the guy Sam Elliott played. I don’t know if spazzy Miranda has a Sam Elliott type in him.

But there’s good news! Logan’s Dafne Keen is in final talks to play the series’ main protagonist Lyra. That is an excellent bit of casting if it comes to fruition. Keen is amazing, and if Miranda needs any pointers on how to be tough onscreen, I’m sure she can offer plenty.

And then there’s more not-great news. The whole thing might be directed by The Kings Speech’s Tom Hooper. That does not make me hopeful.

So there you have it. Three news items for the price of one. One good, one bad, and one confusing. And all three might not happen! Only the best here at BMD!