Pending Script Approval, Danny Boyle Is Still Your Bond 25 Huckleberry

Especially if Daniel Craig has any say in the matter.

Another day, another James Bond news item that makes me miss Phil. If it helps, I only know about this one because of Phil.

The notion that Danny Boyle would direct the next Bond seemed firm at first, but then got shaky when it was announced he would direct a ‘60s music movie scripted by Richard Curtis. Apparently that’s not as big a roadblock as we thought.

According to The Daily Mail’s Baz Bamigboye (yes, I know, The Daily Mail is not super reliable, but Phil vouches for Bamigboye), Daniel Craig is very gung-ho for Boyle and attended a meeting with him, his writing partner John Hodge, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson. At this meeting, Boyle and Hodge pitched their idea for a Bond 25, an idea they did not expect the Bond folks to like because of how different it is. But Craig in particular was into the idea, and now it’s all based on Hodge finishing his script and getting it approved. If it is, Boyle’s on board.

I have no idea what kind of pitch Boyle and Hodge offered, but I’m hoping it’s for a strong stand-alone, classic Bond film that will offer Craig a worthy swan song before his tenure as Bond ends. I know I’m not the biggest Bond guy around here, but there’s only one true stinker out of Craig’s four Bond films (and it’s not Quantum of Solace, suckers!). I think we all want him to go out on the high note he deserves. His enthusiasm for Boyle and Hodge give me enthusiasm for Boyle and Hodge.

So I’m chalking this up as good news. What do you guys think?