Yes, Kristin Wiig Will Be Playing Cheetah In WONDER WOMAN 2

Do you think Cheetah will be wearing a proton pack?

Sometimes the rumors are true! And, in this case, that's great news. EW and Patty Jenkins have confirmed that Kristin Wiig will be playing Cheetah in the upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman. 

Comic book movies are often at their best when they don’t take themselves too seriously, so casting the comedian could mean great news for Wonder Woman 2. It will likely remain “grounded” in the ways other movies of the DCEU have (while hopefully succeeding in the ways they have not), but casting Wiig means we should see some choice banter between Diana Prince and her feline nemesis.

At the very least, director Patty Jenkins is pretty stoked about the idea. 

What do you think? Are you ready to see some snark and wit in a villain in the DCEU, or has their all-too-serious formula been working for you in their other films? Sound off in the comments below.