SNL Hits A Bullseye And It’s All Thanks To SHREK

…and if you don’t like SHREK, you’re wrong and you’re a stupid person.

I’ve never watched This is Us. I’ve seen enough about it, though, to know that crock pots are lethal and that there’s a TON of crying. Just gobs of it. So, I was not exactly expecting a treasure trove of comedy to come out of Sterling K. Brown’s episode of SNL. Boy, was I wrong.

This episode started strong right out of the gate. Their political cold open had a new and refreshing approach that made it seem biting again. SNL is at its best when it's mind and/or teeth are sharp and their Bachelor meets Mueller parody nailed it.

But the sketch you need to see if you see nothing else from this week is “Family Dinner-Shrek”. (Seriously, though. Watch all of the episode. Even the weakest sketches this week are relative gold compared to most of this season.) Check it out:

This sketch takes the conversation we’ve all had where someone digs in on a movie we haven’t seen SO HARD that it's almost aggressive and takes it a notch higher. There is a full-blown drink thrown in face screaming match about which is better: Coco or Shrek.

Please watch “Dying Mrs. Gomez”. Please watch “Movie Coverage”. Please please please watch the return of my favorite weather lady, Dawn Lazarus. But, above all… please watch “Family Dinner-Shrek”.

Now, pass me a slice of that dumbass pie you were talking about…