The SORRY TO BOTHER YOU Trailer Teases Its Adult Swim PUTNEY SWOPE

The most radical movie of the year is now selling you its massive horse dick.

I literally just saw Sorry To Bother You yesterday and can't stop fucking screaming at people about it (seriously, they're threatenting to call the authorities). A brazen, insane work of social satire, it's this generation's Putney Swope, ready to get as surreal and ridiculous as humanly possible while making a ton of amazing observations regarding our current political and racial climate. Writer/director Boots Riley is about to become your new favorite filmmaker, and Lakeith Standfield finally has his truly iconic role. 

Don't believe me? Check out this trailer, which actually does a great job selling the film's anti-narrative without revealing the majority of its most outrageous gags (including Armie Hammer's simply bonkers performance):

Not to get all serious on you, but this is the true great byproduct of all the strife and turmoil we've been experiencing lately. Movies like Sorry To Bother You are the result of artists responding to the events of the day in the grandest fashion possible. This is bold, amazing, hilarious experimental protest cinema, so in your face and not giving a fuck about any kind of defined "rules", allowing it to operate on its own idiosyncratic wavelength. I walked out of the theater buzzing, wanting to run into the streets and tear off my clothes in a fit of pure bliss. In short: I LOVE THIS FUCKING MOVIE.

Annapurna is putting Riley's beautifully nutty vision out this summer. Please, please, please, please go see it. Put money in the pockets of brilliant minds so that they can keep cinematically fighting back. This is the only way we win in the end: by empowering those who want to flip any and all establishments the bird, while never forgetting to craft wonderful entertainment simultaneously.