New 6 BALLOONS Trailer Seems To Promise A Harrowing Ride

In which Abbi Jacobson attempts to save a heroin-addicted Dave Franco.

Marja-Lewis Ryan's 6 Balloons has been generating quite a bit of buzz recently. The film, a dramedy starring Broad City's Abbi Jacobson as a woman trying to rescue her brother (played by Dave Franco) from the clutches of heroin addiction, premiered to a strong response at SXSW yesterday, with Franco and Jacobson both being recognized for working slightly outside of their established comfort zones. 

Today we've got the first trailer for the film. Let's take a look.

Before we go on, here's the film's official poster:

So, obviously this is raw material that Ryan and company are playing with here - all signs point to 6 Balloons being a rough sit - but there's something undeniably compelling about seeing Jacobson and Franco (who, admittedly, has spent more time flexing his dramatic muscles, even if you tend to think of him as more of a comedy presence) working with that material, and if their performances are half as good as early word suggests they are, Netflix could have a powerful viewing experience on its hands. We're not exactly excited to watch this one, but we're defintely intrigued.

Sorry, forgot to mention that - 6 Balloons is headed straight for Netflix on April 6th, so you won't have to wait long to see if the buzz was legit. Stay tuned for more on this one as we get closer to the film's drop date.