(UPDATED) Yup, Rob Zombie Is Shooting THE DEVIL’S REJECTS 2 As We Speak

OK, it's called 3 FROM HELL, but you know what we mean.

So, here's a thing we just saw over on Twitter:

If you're anything like us, you're startled to learn The Devil's Rejects is getting a sequel, but those of you who've been paying closer attention probably saw this coming: as it turns out, Bloody Disgusting revealed back in October that Zombie had a Rejects follow-up in the works, and just this past January a site by the name of Metal Injection reported that the film (now called 3 From Hell) would begin shooting this March. Well, it's now March, and - if Jason Lei Howden's tweet is to be taken at face value - it would appear production on 3 From Hell is underway. Huh.

Previous reporting on the project doesn't offer much in the way of plot details, so there's no telling what 3 From Hell might be. A prequel? A sequel that ignores the fiery shoot-out The Devil's Rejects ended on? As a fan, does the continuity of this franchise really matter to you? We have many questions, but for the time being there are precious few answers.

We'll report back when we know more. For now, just be aware that this appears to be a thing that's happening. 

UPDATE: It's definitely a thing that's happening.