Trent Reznor: New Nine Inch Nails EP Will Be Here Before June

Get ready for the follow-up to ADD VIOLENCE.

Oscar-winning composers and all-around badasses Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross appeared on BBC Radio this evening (or this afternoon, depending on where you listened to it) to discuss Nine Inch Nails' forthcoming appearance at the 2018 Meltdown Festival in London, and during said interview they dropped an exciting new piece of information: a third Nine Inch Nails EP will be along before their appearance at that festival.

Given that London's Meltdown Festival starts on June 15th (and lasts through June 24th), we can safely assume the next Nine Inch Nails record will be here at some point in the next three months. No title or specific release date was provided for the EP, but Reznor did speak at length about how the album is turning out much different than anyone involved expected. That's certainly intriguing.  

This EP will be the third in a trilogy of EPs that kicked off in 2016, with the release of Not The Actual Events, a track from which ("She's Gone Away") was memorably performed by the band last year on the eighth episode of Twin Peaks: The Return (we should all remember when that happened). That EP was followed the following July by another, called Add Violence.

Nothing further to report at this time, but you can rest assured we'll be keeping our ear to the ground for further updates. In the meantime: rejoice, NIN nerds - we'll have another new album very, very soon.

(Note: header photo by Aaron Tait for Wikimedia Commons)