See The Trailer For Bo Burnham’s Anti-Hughesian Comedy EIGHTH GRADE

The coming of age movie that's both delighting and scaring the shit out of fest audiences.

Bo Burnham's feature directorial debut Eighth Grade is an anti-Hughes coming of age movie that still totally taps into all of the angst, hardship and soaring highs of being a young girl on the cusp of womanhood.

Burnham's film blew a bunch of audiences away at both Sundance and SXSW, and now A24 has released a trailer for you to check out and see what we're all going a little crazy for. 

Take a look: 

Having just seen the movie, I can tell you it'll be right up a good portion of our readership's alley; tender yet brutally honest at the same time. As Jeremy Smith put it in our Sundance review

"Structurally, Eighth Grade isn’t that far off from your garden-variety coming-of-age film. The difference here is that Kayla isn’t anywhere near “of age”. The film doesn’t say for certain, but it feels like her first kiss has yet to happen – which makes the conclusion to her magical mall hang-out with Olivia and company all the more harrowing. Kayla snags a ride home with Olivia’s friend Riley, and winds up being the last person he drops off. This is clearly by design, and it’s possible Kayla realizes this. There’s some gray area there.

But there’s nothing ambiguous about what happens next: rather than speed Kayla back to her house, Riley pulls over and joins her in the back seat, where he initiates a game of truth or dare. It doesn’t take long for him to manufacture a reason for his shirt to come off, at which point he tries to coerce Kayla into doing likewise. Burnham has cited Catherine Breillat as one of the major influences on Eighth Grade, and this scene crackles with the charge of unpredictability that makes her films such a rough ride. You get the sense that this could all go horribly sideways because, in real life, these situations go sideways all the time."

So, definitely keep an eye out for Eighth Grade when A24 releases the film this summer.