SNL’s Cut For Time Sketch Was Once Again The Best Of The Week

And it was from the “in case of emergency” files at that.

This week, Bill Hader returned to Saturday Night Live for a round of hosting. Hader was on for eight seasons and was the utility player of his era. He could pull off uncanny impressions, play an Everyman with the best of them, and even had one of the most iconic Weekend Update contributors ever. So what did the writers do with that this week? They recycled old bits to see if any still had juice in them. Sure, Stefon was back. It was...okay. Oh, the Californians! Minus Kristen and Vanessa.

The only old concept that still had some wattage was, you guessed it, cut for time. This series of sketches where a weirdo takes you on a tour of their gross and awesome holiday celebration has had some great versions, with Ed Norton’s Halloween and Kristen Wiig’s Thanksgiving celebrations as particular favorites. (Tursnakedog is a go-to joke to reference around Thanksgiving for me now.)

This one takes on St. Patrick’s Day, with some... out of the box Irish treats and treasures.

It's always a treat to see Hader at his old stomping grounds, but what did you all think? Did the Californians still give you a giggle? What about Stefon? Was the introduction of his lawyer enough of a refresh? Sound off in the comments below!