John Constantine To Join LEGENDS OF TOMORROW In Season Four

A little thing like cancellation can't keep this exorcist down for long.

On May 8th, 2015, Constantine was cancelled after just one season on the air. NBC cited poor ratings as its justification for giving the show the axe. Over the course of its year-long tenure, Constantine managed to build a cult following that vocally cried for its renewal on social media once the news of its cancellation broke, but it simply wasn’t enough to earn the chain-smoking exorcist another season.

Even stars like Stephen Amell and the creative teams behind DCTV did their part in trying to resurrect John Constantine; he's popped up several times throughout the DCTV universe, most often tied to one Sara Lance. But after resurrecting her on Arrow and recently dropping by to help out the Legends on Legends of Tomorrow, there’s finally some good news for all the Hellblazers who've been patiently lying in wait: Deadline is reporting that Johnny boy is coming to Legends of Tomorrow as a series regular in season four.

Legends of Tomorrow hasn’t officially been renewed by the CW Network just yet, but has strong numbers and is expecting to make a return. The news of Constantine joining the Legends goes a bit out of order compared to how these things usually work, and Deadline isn’t saying where their information is coming from, but hey - when has anything with this show ever been normal?

What does Constantine (potentially) joining the team mean for the Legends? Little is concrete, but you can be sure things will get a lot weirder in what is already one of the craziest shows on television. You can also bet that he will continue to try to sleep with literally everyone!

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