See The Trailer For Your New Favorite Creature Feature WILDLING

IFC Midnight unleashes a tiny, icky scorcher next month, and you shouldn't miss it.

Wildling was one of the best Midnighters featured at this year's SXSW Film Fest. As I said in my (rather positive) review

"Wildling is most certainly a horror movie, essentially playing like a straight-faced, female-fronted Teen Wolf reboot that attempts to formulate a supernatural metaphor for the overwhelming hurricane that is adolescence. Wildling finds a steady middle ground between tenderness and sheer terror that's somewhat difficult to keep up with, the conflicting emotions just as confusing for the viewer as they are for our young protagonist."

As a test to see if I was just plan crazy with my enthusiasm, I recommended the movie to our old pal Meredith Borders, who wrote in her own (even more positive) take

"Wildling is Fritz Böhm’s first feature film, and it’s such an assured debut, darkly mystical and elegant."

Now, IFC Midnight has cut a spot for the picture, so you can get a glimpse of what we're raving about. Take a look:  

Obviously, a studio has to fill a whole calendar with releases, but Wildling feels way more fit for an October bow than an April date (though its themes of sexual awakening are certainly in line with the Spring season). So, make sure to draw all the blinds and settle in on a chilly, rainy day with this one, as it's such a gorgeous, weird, wonderfully-acted creature feature. You've got two stamps of approval now. What else do you need?

Co-starring the legendary Brad Dourif, Wildling hits theaters and VOD from IFC Midnight April 13th.