The TAG Trailer Invites You To Try And Touch Jeremy Renner

So, this is where Hawkeye went.

While the rest of us wondered where Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye disappeared to in the recent Avengers: Infinity War spot/poster, it looks like the trailer for Tag may have the answer.

Centered around a group of friends (Ed Helms, Jon Hamm, Jake Johnson, Hannibal Buress and the aforementioned super-archer) who have been playing the same round of the titular kids game for literally years (and it's a true story y'all!), there's a super silly "grown men doing dumbass shit" vibe to this promo that reminds me of Step Brothers for some reason.

Take a look for yourself: 

Now, I don't expect this to even come close to the heights of that Will Ferrell/John C. Reilly masterpiece, but the cast here is undeniable. Rashida Jones and Brian Dennehy? That's definitely a sex dream I had once.

Anyway, Tag hits theaters June 15th. You're it