The Trailer For William Friedkin’s THE DEVIL & FATHER AMORTH Promises A True Exorcism

The legendary director's new documentary delivers a non-fiction companion piece to his '73 horror all-timer.

William Friedkin's The Exorcist changed the course of horror (and cinema) history as we know it, taking the genre deadly serious and producing a film that was not only critically accepted, but also a massive blockbuster. 

Now, Friedkin's returning to the scariest corners of religion with The Devil & Father Amorth, a documentary the New Hollywood maverick practically stumbled upon during his world travels. As the official synopsis tells it:

"What began as a brief conversation between Friedkin and Father Gabrielle Amorth – the head Exorcist for the Diocese of Rome for over 30 years – as two professionals who knew of each other’s work soon transformed into an once-in-a- lifetime opportunity, as Amorth agreed Friedkin could film an exorcism ceremony. It would be the ninth exorcism for a painfully afflicted woman, Cristina (a pseudonym), who had already been under Father Amorth’s care – and it would be filmed by Friedkin alone, with no other crew allowed, no light other than the natural light in the room and a small digital camera-and-mic unit that could capture the ritual and its revelations."

Today The Orchard released a trailer for the film, which is totally intense. Check it out:  

The Orchard is releasing The Devil & Father Amorth in NY & LA on April 20th (which will make for some really weird stoner viewing, I reckon), before rolling it out on VOD. Given the picture's strange pedigree, Friedkin's latest is probably unmissable for most (and unbearable for the easily frightened).