The director of IT FOLLOWS makes Andrew Garfield his Nuevo Doc Sportello.

David Robert Mitchell is one of the most talented writer/directors making movies today. It Follows is easily one of the best horror movies since John Carpenter first picked up a camera, and The Myth of the American Sleepover does coming of age just as well as John Hughes did (with, dare I say it, a bit more truth to that text). 

Now comes Under the Silver Lake, whose influences are readily apparent from the first frame. This looks to be Mitchell's Inherent Vice (which, in itself, was PTA's The Long Goodbye), with possibly a healthy dose of Cutter's Way tossed in for good measure. A sunny, poppy (Violent Femmes!) mystery involving a loser (Andrew Garfield) investigating the disappearance of his dream girl, which may or may not tie into a billionaire's untimely demise, all set against the backdrop of glittery Los Angeles. 

Check out this absolutely gorgeous teaser for the movie: 

So, essentially, we've heard this tale before, but it's all going to be filtered through a new storyteller's lens (which is the reason we go to the movies in the first place). Count pretty much everyone at BMD in, and expect to hear a lot more from us as we get closer to Under the Silver Lake's release date. 

A24 will drop Mitchell's new movie June 22nd.