New DEADPOOL 2 Trailer Gives Us A Look At What’s Basically An X-FORCE Movie

Those heels, tho...

After playing coy with the title of Untitled Deadpool Sequel, it looks like we finally get a trailer that tells us something about the plot of *drumroll…* Deadpool 2 (Or, as the trailer puts it, DP2, but we think we're safe in assuming the full title based on how the trailer is titled).

Check it out:

So we get the expected irreverent gags and bits of fourth wall-breaking humor—along with a split second shot of DP launching off a stripper pole in some hawt fuckin' heels—but we're actually privy to a bit of plot this time around. 

Seems like Cable has come back in time to kill a mutant Ricky Baker, and Deadpool decides to protect the kid by putting together a new, franchise-marketable team of mutants known as "X-Force." Fox has been bandying about the idea of an X-Force movie for a couple years now, and there have been rumors that Deadpool would be involved in however that project took shape due to the lightning rod success of his first film, so the move to make Deadpool 2 a backdoor delivery method for a new team of heroes makes a lot of sense. Plus, it gives the merc quite a few new personalities to mouth off.

Were you hoping for a more straight-forward sequel, or does the prospect of a new crop of mutants get you giddy like a schoolgirl? Sound off in the comments, you beautiful nerds you.