We Would Wallpaper Our Homes With This WESTWORLD Season Two Poster

In which HBO hits a marketing homerun.

Look, I'll just level with you - we see a ton of terrible posters and one-sheets these days. In would, in fact, probably be fair to say that the majority of one-sheets are absolute trainwrecks, eyesores comprised of poorly-Photoshopped heads and basic-ass, orange-versus-teal color schemes.

It's an epidemic, really, and no one in charge seems interested in changing things for the better. After all, if Twitter's dragging your one-sheet because it objectively sucks, aren't you getting the same amount of attention (possibly even moreso) than if you'd bothered releasing a poster that's, y'know, actually good?

All of this is to say: we see so many trash posters, it's almost kind of shocking when a good one comes along. This poster below - which is making the rounds today in support of HBO's Westworld - isn't just good. It's excellent.

Look at the blood-red storm gathering on the horizon. Check out the innards on that mechanical vulture. Look at the Man In Black's hat, sitting there in its shadow, and the blood splatter underneath. Here's a one-sheet with a bold, simple image that actually says quite a bit, and it even has an excellent tagline attached ("Chaos Takes Control"). We love this poster.

Anyway, join me in staring at this thing until you go cross-eyed, or hit the comments below to tell us how excited you are (or aren't!) about the return of Westworld, which hits HBO on April 22nd (oh, and also, if you know where we could score one of these posters, don't hesitate to hit us up).