Bill Hader Reveals The Only Time It’s OK To Talk During A Movie

The ONE AND ONLY TIME, just so we're clear.

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As you surely know by now, we are big, big fans of former Saturday Night Live star Bill Hader here at Birth.Movies.Death. (if you're not all caught up on Documentary Now, get your house in order immediately). We are also big, big fans of his forthcoming HBO hitman comedy, Barry, which hits the network this Sunday night (read our review here, if you haven't already).

Our own Jacob Knight had a chance to sit down with Hader at SXSW last week (his interview will also be along this weeknd), and on that very same day Hader was kind enough to record his very own "Don't Talk, Don't Text" PSA for the Alamo Drafthouse. 

Check it out:

You heard the man, folks: the only time it's ever even remotely okay to talk during a movie is if A) the film's subtitled, B) you recite the dialogue in the voices of the onscreen performers and C) the person you're with can't read.

Under these very specific circumstances, it's probably okay to speak during a movie (it's especially okay if you're Bill Hader). In any other circumstance? You're probably just being a dick, and you should knock it off.

Stay tuned for more on Barry this weekend, and be sure to tune into the series premiere when it hits HBO this Sunday evening.