Do Not Come Near Us With This Gigantic And Terrifying Pennywise Robot

Dat Boi is back at it again with the murderous hijinks.

Are you the owner of a weapons-grade haunted house attraction? Do you like terrifying people to the point that they soil their pants? Do you have an unlimited budget and enough space to store a gigantic, animatronic murder-clown robot (with screaming child)? 

Well, today's your lucky day.

This, according to our friends over at io9, is an animatronic prop designed by the good folks at Unit70 Studios, a company which specializes in creating enormous and pants-wettingly scary attractions for use in professional haunted houses. As you can see, they've outdone themselves this time.

This one appeared at the recent TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Trade Show, and is so goddamn terrifying we're having trouble believing it's even legal to buy one, much less display it. The detail here is truly remarkable, from the wrinkles around Pennywise's eyes to the lifelike hair attached to the screaming child he's ripping to pieces (obviously, that's meant to be Georgie)(and those screams are a bit too lifelike, if you ask us). Well done, folks.

We're not even going to bother looking up how much one of these things would cost, but we did want to put it on the BMD readership's radar, just in case you'd like to all throw in and buy one for us. If you do, we promise to take very good care of it and will almost never use it to scare the bejeezus out of the neighborhood kids.