Trailer For New SUPERFLY Promises A Trap Rap Companion To BELLY

Director X might be our next Hype Williams.

Remaking Super Fly for a new generation sounds like a daunting task. Gordon Parks Jr.'s original movie is a definite product of its times - one of the most important staples of '70s Blaxploitation cinema - as Ron O'Neal minted an icon of street hustle in Priest, the coke dealer who wants to pull off one more score and retire to the good life (though we all know how that goes).  

Now, hip hop music video auteur Director X is bringing us New Wave Superfly, which looks to be just as much a trap rap companion piece to Hype Williams' Nas/DMX cult classic Belly (which is still one of the most visually dazzling films ever made) as it is a modern reimagining. If this first teaser is any indication, Atlanta is going to be lit up by a new crew of flashy criminals, all looking to make their mark on the (under)world. 

Check it out:

If anything, Trevor Jackson's Youngblood Priest has the perfect hair to take on the role, but the rest of this teaser just sings in a way most modern attempts at Blaxplo don't (here's looking at you, Proud Mary). The clothes, the cars, the threat of violence - it's all so of a place and time, just like the movies its drawing inspiration from. 

Hopefully, this Neuvo Superfly lives up to its daddy's name when it hits theaters June 15th.