Gina Rodriguez Is Your New CARMEN SANDIEGO

And what's this about a live-action version?

Remember way back when we let you know that Netflix was reviving Carmen Sandiego as a cartoon? Well, according to Deadline, it seems like we now have the voice of our new Carmen in the rising star of Gina Rodriguez. Not only that, though, but she will also take on the role in a live action film adaptation, also to be released through Netflix!

This is certainly a turn for the multimedia franchise, which only ever existed as live action in game show form and as pixilated cutscenes in some of the PC games. How exactly the edutainment series would translate into a feature length film is anyone's guess, but the consistency of keeping Rodriguez as the lead in both the cartoon and film adaptation is a nice touch o' the ol' brand synergy.

Oh, and just for the hell of it, here's that theme song you all know and love:

Yeah, try to get that out of your head the rest of the day.

The Carmen Sandiego cartoon will be released sometime in 2019, with the live action version presumably not too far behind.

(Note: Header photo by Filly Brown used with permission via Wikimedia Commons)