Kevin Bacon And David Koepp Reteaming For YOU SHOULD HAVE LEFT

The STIR OF ECHOES team is getting back together for a film that sounds a little like THE SHINING.

Here's some interesting news: Kevin Bacon and David Koepp, who last teamed up for 1999's Stir Of Echoes, are getting the band back together for an all new horror project: You Should Have Left, based on the novel of the same name by German author Daniel Kehlman.

Here's how The Hollywood Reporter's describing the film:

"The book ... told of a screenwriter who holes up in a remote house in the Alps with his wife and daughter so he can work on a sequel to his big hit. But in shades of The Shining, the classic Stephen King novel that was adapted into a film by Stanley Kubrick, the writer slowly begins to lose his marbles when unexplained occurrences begin to chip away at him."

Hey, that sounds like it could be pretty cool! Admittedly, we haven't read the source material (WE CAN'T BE EVERYWHERE AT ONCE, PEOPLE), but that certainly sounds like it'll be in our wheelhouse: you've got your remote and forbidding location, your family in peril, your writer losing his shit while attempting to get a little work done. That this project will also function as something of a Stir Of Echoes reunion is just the cherry on top. We're into it!

Nothing further to report at this time, but we're keeping a close eye on this one. Stay tuned for more on You Should Have Left as it becomes available. In the meantime: have any of y'all read the book? Without spoiling anything, should we catch up before the movie gets here or nah? Sound off below.